Five Steps to Succeed in Math

allison loves math podcast Oct 24, 2020

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In the Allison Loves Math Podcast, host Allison Dillard invites you along on her journey to learn about how we, as parents and teachers, can best help our children and students to succeed in math and challenges in general.


 In each episode, Allison interviews math, education, or parenting experts to learn their best strategies for teaching students to love math, for making math easier and less stressful for parents, and for setting the next generation up for long-term success in math, STEM, school, and life.


Allison Dillard is the author of Crush Math Now and Raise Your Math Grade, the Founder of Raise a Math Person, and an adjunct math professor at Irvine Valley College. She has a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Mathematics from Scripps College and an M.S. in Mathematics from Claremont Graduate University, where she received fellowships from the National Science Foundation, Boeing, and Los Alamos National Lab. She is a mom of three and loves coaching her kids' soccer teams, hiking, and thinking up new ways to convince the world that math is awesome. Her love for math is legendary.