#54 Playing Math Games With Your Child with Mark Hendrickson

allison loves math podcast parents Nov 09, 2021

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Forget worksheets. Let’s make learning math fun!

Tune in to this fun conversation with Mark Hendrickson, product developer of the newly released Beast Academy Playground, a free and growing collection of tabletop math games and activities for kids. Mark and I have a fun discussion about how math, if you forgo the structure of workbooks and formal lessons, can simply be a great way to have fun with our kids. 

Allison and Mark discuss:

  • Some of the fun (and free) math games on Beast Academy Playground [1.53]
  • Their experiences playing math-inspired games with their kids[7.20]
  • How the math games can be tailored to fit your child’s age and math level[18.45]
  • Mark’s journey of how he came to love math[19.38]

Connect with Beast Academy:


  • Children can pick up on the contradiction. If there's a disconnect, between what you're saying and what you're doing [about math].
  • We know it's important to read with our kids from a very young age. The reason it's easy to maintain this routine is that it's a connecting time together. What is the equivalent for this in math? It's not going to be worksheets. There's a lot of fun math worksheets that you could do. I love puzzles and stuff. But I also think that that connection is part of it. Rather than just puzzles, it's fun to have something you can do together. I think usually games are the answer to that. 
  • My education was in English, but I'm really into math like some people are into bird watching or something. I don't really care if there's some aspect I haven't learned about, maybe there are holes in my knowledge. There certainly are. But that's okay. It's a hobby. I'll approach it from that angle and it's a lot of fun.

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