#59 Math is Beautiful, Awesome, and Everywhere with Prof. Prime

allison loves math podcast Dec 14, 2021

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Math is all around us. From video games to sports to groceries to travel, everything around us has its foundations in math. 

This week’s interview features Professor Prime, host of the wildly inspiring YouTube channel Math Time with Professor Prime. A math educator on a mission to build a world that loves math, Prof. Prime shares how you, as an educator, can spread the love of math by helping students to see how math is beautiful, awesome, and in everything.

Allison and Prof. Prime discuss:

  • What got Prof. Prime to share his love for math [1.49]
  • Approaching sports and video games with math in mind [6.15]
  • Math Time with Professor Prime videos that connect math to real life [12:45]
  • What drives Prof. Prime to create math content on youtube[18.40]
  • How educators can connect and inspire students to love math [22.33]


  • Everything that we do in the classroom is an extension of what we already do. We are natural mathematicians.
  • You can’t escape the math once you start to see it.
  • You are dealing with victory, you are dealing with losses and how are you keeping track of that? With numbers! You are keeping scores. 

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