#60 Reinventing Assessment will Improve Learning With Melissa Dean

allison loves math podcast Dec 21, 2021

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Melissa Dean is back on Allison Loves Math Podcast!

Blogger at Dean of Math, middle school math teacher, and author of the upcoming book, ‘Unschool,’ Melissa Dean is back sharing new ways to disrupt math class. Melissa’s first interview in Season 1 explored ways to Radically Reimagine Your Math Class and today she’s here to explore how to radically reimagine how we assess and evaluate math learning.

Allison and Melissa discuss:

  • The story and purpose behind Melissa’s new book, Unschool [6.47] 
  • The importance of assessing math learning the correct way [7.25]
  • Ideas to start changing your assessment and evaluation style [9.35]
  • Why and how to emphasize providing feedback in assessment [15.55]
  • Melissa’s big ah-ha moment with her students [17.42]
  • The changing role of math teachers education [23.58]


  • We send different messages to our kids through the way we are teaching and a whole different message through the way we are assessing. 
  • Any assessment that we do needs to answer 3 questions: 
  1. Where am I right now?  
  2. Where do I need to go next?
  3. How am I going to get there?
  • If you don’t know how to do something, look it up. Google.

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