#61 How To Write A Math Book (Part 1) with Allison Dillard and Jennifer Flenner

allison loves math podcast Dec 27, 2021
How to Write a Math Book (Part 1) with Allison Dillard and Jennifer Flenner

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Today’s episode is an exciting one! Jennifer Flenner, the co-author of my new book Crush Hypothesis Testing, is interviewing me on how you, as a teacher, can spread your love of math by writing books that will inspire kids, parents, and teachers beyond your classroom and school.  




Allison and Jennifer discuss:

  • What made Allison start writing math books [4.20]
  • Building a community of math enthusiasts [6.13]
  • Why should you as a teacher write math books? [7.09]
  • The creation of the Love Math Journal [8.17]
  • How to get started and write your book  [11.20]
  • Advice for getting your book idea or concept just right [16.17]


  • Learning never happens in isolation, it happens in community - Jenifer Flenner
  • Different Resources work for different students and different teachers. The more options we have the better - Allison Dillard
  • Get to the end of the first draft and then make revisions - Allison Dillard

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