#62 How To Write A Math Book (Part 2) with Allison Dillard and Jennifer Flenner

allison loves math podcast Jan 04, 2022
How to Write a Math Book (Part 2) with Allison Dillard and Jennifer Flenner

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Remember - A published book is better than no book. 

Part 2 is here! In this episode, Jennifer Flenner, the co-author of my new book Crush Hypothesis Testing, is interviewing me on how you, as a teacher, can spread your love of math by writing books that will inspire kids, parents, and teachers beyond your classroom and school.  



Allison and Jennifer discuss:

  • Recap [2.57]
  • Proofing the book [3.20]
  • Publishing the book [4.57]
  • Motivation to write the book [7.58]
  • Pitfalls to avoid [11.14]
  • Equations and diagrams for your books [13.29]


  • Being able to connect with a community of educators by writing books is incredible. - Allison Dillard
  •  The biggest mistake for brand new writers is going to be not outlining or accidentally skipping that step or changing the outline as you go or getting lost with it, not using your outline perhaps. - Allison Dillard
  • A published book is better than no book. - Allison Dillard

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