#69 Help Your Students Overcome Math Learning Loss with Elly Blanco-Rowe

allison loves math podcast May 02, 2022
Help Your Students Overcome Math Learning Loss with Elly Blanco-Rowe

How can we help our students recover from pandemic learning loss in mathematics?

As we look ahead, to our students' long-term ability to succeed in math and STEM, our task ahead as teachers is both complex and of far-reaching importance.

This is why today I invited Elly Blanco- Rowe, a senior educational consultant for Teaching Matters, to share with us tips to help our students overcome math learning loss.

As an experienced teacher with over 20 years of coaching and school leadership, Elly advocates for equitable, culturally responsive mathematics instruction for all children. She holds a Master's in Teaching from Pace University, an MBA from Ba-Ruk College, and a Master's in School Building Leadership from Mercy College. She is also currently a doctoral student at Fordham University in Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy.

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Elly and I chat about: 

  • Improving teacher effectiveness for student success[3.48]
  • 3 practices for teachers
    • Slowing down and going deeper while at a grade level [7.50]
    • Leveraging technology to teach students [8.26]
    • Simplifying learning by making the context relevant to the content [9.10] 
  • Tiktok as a means of instructing students [11.43]
  • How teachers can go deeper into specific topics [14.00]


  • Simplify learning by making context relevant to the content
  • Bring technology to the classroom. Use TikTok as a means of instructing students. 
  • The power that comes from knowing the vertical alignment is so intense. Knowing what is coming up next and how the learning from this year support next year's learning is really helpful.

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