#70 Use Math Competitions to Challenge Your Students with Ingrid Moats

allison loves math podcast Jun 06, 2022
Use Math Competitions to Challenge Your Students with Ingrid Moats

Growth comes from challenging oneself to get out of their comfort zone and try. - Ingrid Moats

When it comes to math, one of the best ways to challenge students with concepts that dig deeper into and go beyond their school curriculum is through math competitions.

In today's interview, I sit down with Ingrid Moats, owner of Tampa Bay Test Prep, to learn all about the fascinating world of math competitions. Through this episode, Ingrid answers my many questions and draws attention to the role of math competitions in shaping a student's confidence in and love of math. 

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Allison and Ingrid discuss: 

  • Growing up in a math environment [1.29]

  • Levelling up math skills with Mathletics - Math Competitions [3.12]

  • Math competitions - Math Kangaroo, Math Olympiad, AMC8, Math Counts [5.08] 

  • Benefits of participating in math competitions [7.09] 

  • Creating opportunities for participating in math competitions at your school [8.45]

  • Learning from each other [16.02] 


  • I really loved detective stories and mystery stories, and so I was like if I could put clue 1 and clue 2 together maybe I could get something I have never seen before… I was the detective. 

  •  Math competitions give a little bit of exposure to see a variety of math they didn’t get to see before. 

  •  Light up the math brain and showcase see what they can do. Students need to know that they can struggle and succeed.

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