#37 How to Find an Awesome Math Tutor with Audrey Codner-Gibson

allison loves math podcast Mar 28, 2021

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This week, I have a fun talk with Audrey Codner-Gibson, a positive, confidence-building, super-effective Algebra tutor, about what to look for (and look out for) when finding a math tutor for your child. Spoiler: A great math tutor does waaaay more than explain math concepts.

Audrey has also taught Secondary Mathematics for 19 years in Baltimore, Maryland. She was a Professional Basketball player in Europe, a Big Five Hall of Fame inductee, and is the co-author of the upcoming book, Athlete to Entrepreneur.
Audrey and I share: 
  • Why tutoring is awesome and can make a huge difference in your child's grades and attitude towards math
  • What qualities to look for when hiring a math tutor (and what to watch out for)
  • Why some students have severe aversions to tutoring and math (and what we did as tutors in these scenarios)
  • Frequently overlooked reasons why Algebra is so confusing for some students
  • The difference between having a growth versus fixed mindset about math
Book a free 15-minute consultation with Audrey at https://solo.to/audreycodnergibson.
Watch Audrey's video Why We Suck at Algebra on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqMXJNlT4mA
Watch the original video recording of this podcast interview on YouTube: