#79 Building Math Minds with Christina Tondevold

Feb 22, 2023

"The way you learn isn’t the way everyone learns." - Christina Tondevold

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Today, Allison interviews Christina Tondevold from the Build Math Minds Virtual Summit, a free virtual summit starting February 25th, 2023 with an incredible lineup of speakers including Jennifer-Bay Williams, Peter Liljedahl, Pam Harris, and more!

You can grab your free ticket to the summit here: https://virtualmathsummit.com/

Christina gives us a sneak peek at her top takeaways from the following sessions:

  • Peter Liljedahl: Building Thinking Classrooms
  • Pam Harris: Division that Doesn't Make Students Cry
  • Angela Watson: Fewer Things, Better: Making Time for What Matters Most
  • Rebecca Lorde: Understanding Dyscalculia and the Science of Math
  • Jen Hunt: Leveraging Brain-Body Connection as Math Intervention for Primary Students

Pam Harris, who is speaking at the Build Math Minds Summit this year, was recently on the Allison Loves Math Podcast to discuss how Math is Figureoutablehere

Ken Williams, the keynote from the 2022 Build Math Minds Summit, has been on the Allison Loves Math podcast to talk about Creating a Ruthlessly Equitable Math Class.

Lynda Brennan, also a past Build Math Minds Summit speaker, was on the podcast to talk about Using Math Infused Stories to Teach Elementary School Math.

Connect with Christina:

  • FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BuildMathMinds
  • IG: @buildmathminds
  • TW: @BuildMathMinds

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