#42 Making Algebra Friendly with Gabriel Rojas

allison loves math podcast May 04, 2021

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In today’s interview, I talk with Gabriel Rojas, college professor, author of the Algebra User Manual, and recipient of the ASCE New Faces of Engineering Award, about how learning math is similar to learning a new language.

Gabriel and I discuss:

  • Different stages of mastery of a subject, whether it’s learning math or a language
  • The importance of practice and strong foundations in building new skills
  • The many ways Gabriel made the Algebra User Manual friendly and meaningful
  • Why math is important, a concept important to building student motivation
  • How to help students NOT be intimidated by the difference of squares

You can follow Gabriel on Instagram at @MathUserManual and find his book at https://beacons.page/mathusersmanual!

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