#49 A Standards-Based Approach to Social-Emotional Learning with Greg Mullen

allison loves math podcast Jun 22, 2021

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Today, I interview Greg Mullen, a CA credentialed K-8 teacher, host of the Exploring the Core Podcast, and author of Creating a Self-Directed Learning Environment about how to teach both social-emotional learning skills and math standards to our students.

Greg covers:

  • What standards are at their core and why they are important
  • What social-emotional learning skills are and how they bolster student success in math
  • The nuanced difference between teaching students math and teaching them how to learn math
  • Practical tips to embed social-emotional learning into your math class to make for a more empowering learning experience

Listen to Greg interview Allison on Exploring the Core Podcast at https://exploring-the-core-podcast.simplecast.com/episodes/s2e5

Learn more about Greg at www.exploringthecore.com

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