#46 How to Help 5th, 6th, and 7th Graders Develop a Growth Mindset about Math with Kabo Sekoele

allison loves math podcast Jun 01, 2021

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Today, I talk with Kabo Sekoele, an online math tutor from South Africa and former civil engineering student, about how parents can help their 5th-7th grade kids strengthen their skills in and mindset about math.

Kabo shares:

  • What growth mindset is and why it’s crucial to student success in math
  • Her own experience with math anxiety as a child and #1 thing that helped her overcome it
  • Why developing a growth mindset around math is crucial to raising good, resilient kids
  • Tips for parents to help their kids develop a growth mindset

You can schedule a free consultation with Kabo at http://kabothemathtutor.com/ and you can watch her videos on YouTube at Kabo, the math tutor.

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