Helping Students to Discover a Reason to Love Math Again with Professor Prime

Jun 14, 2023

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A wildly inspiring YouTube creator, Professor Prime passionately shares how to teach your students that math is in everything. He also discusses healthy work boundaries, having empathy for students who struggle with math,  and thinking of students who don’t like math as students who are looking for a reason to love math.

A math educator on a mission to build a world that sees math everywhere, Professor Prime has 2000+ YouTube videos on everything from his experience teaching math to math and Epic Gamesmath and Star Warsmath and Pokemon, and math and art.

Teacher Resource!! Professor Prime's playlists Math is Awesome! Here’s Why! (49 videos) and Everything is Super Mathematical!!!! (32 videos) contain quick videos under 1 minute that are perfect to play at the start of your math class.

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