#31 How Executive Functioning Impacts All Aspects of Learning with Stephanie Pitts & Rachel Kapp

allison loves math podcast Feb 14, 2021

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In today's episode, I talk with educational therapists, Stephanie Pitts and Rachel Kapp, about how executive function skills affect how a child learns math.

  • What executive functioning is and why it's important 
  • The best way to ask a teacher for help when your child needs to do things differently 
  • What time blindness is and how to recognize it
  • Creating teachable moments when you don't know the answers to your kids' homework 

Watch the original video recording of this interview at Allison Loves Math Youtube.

Find out more about Stephanie Pitts at  https://myedtherapist.com/.

Find out more about Rachel Kapp at https://www.kappedtherapy.com/.