#65 Things to Consider Before You Quit Teaching with Janice Scholl

allison loves math podcast Feb 15, 2022
Things to Consider Before You Quit Teaching with Janice Scholl

Are you thinking about taking a career break? 

If teaching through the pandemic has you thinking about switching careers, there is much to consider before making the jump. In today's episode, Allison interviews career coach and host of the Money, Career and Motherhood Podcast, about how to plan for a career that strikes a balance between your personal, professional, and family life.

These are some highlights from the episode: 

  • What unquantifiable factors to consider before taking a career break [2:10]
  • How to find a balance in your life on your professional, personal, and family front [5.17]
  • Thinking about what you value before taking a career break [10.01]
  • Accepting there will be burnouts and learning curves in any career [11.13]
  • Investing in yourself when you are not working [18.23]
  • Squeezing opportunities from challenging times [24.19]

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  • We can help women by talking about career breaks, their decisions, and being honest about the challenge of should I, or should I not? And what really happens when I do? 
  • It is so important to recognize what work gives you other than just who I am. 
  • Use your career break to see what success looks like in these 3 buckets - personal, professional

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