#71 How to Get the Most Out of Your Child’s Math IEP with Beth Liesenfeld

allison loves math podcast Jul 04, 2022

 “Teach your kids to ask for things when they need them.” - Beth Liesenfeld

Learning math can become fun and easy if we make the best of the available resources by learning to advocate and approach the appropriate school teams for an effective IEP learning experience. 

In this episode, I chat with Beth Liesenfeld, an occupational therapist and founder of The IEP Lab, an organization focused on providing insider knowledge about the IEP system and process to enable parents of children with special needs to get an effective IEP and get their child learning, all without having to constantly fight with the school district! 

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Allison and Beth discuss:

  • Beth's experiences that led to her founding the IEP Lab [1.06]
  • Beth's Top 5 Tips for getting the most out of your math IEP

- Have limited priorities - Pick 2 things that could create the most impact [6.00]

- Consistency in communication [8.40]

- Knowing how your child learns [11.00]

- Approaching advocacy [12.30]

  • Advice for parents who are homeschooling their child [9.40]

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