#9 Strategies to Teach Community College Math with Felicia Darling

allison loves math podcast Nov 15, 2020

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Felicia Darling is a trailblazer in math education. The author of Teachin It! and the upcoming book The Ripple Effect, Felicia holds a Ph.D. in Math Education from Stanford and is the first person in her family to go to college. 


With the pandemic still hanging over us, educators are faced with new challenges of engaging and retaining students online.  Felicia shares with us: 

  • Ways to check that no students are left behind because they do not understand
  • How to translate what works well in a class environment into an online platform 
  • How to increase teacher-student interaction online
  • How to ensure first-generation learners and students from differing socio-economic backgrounds feel included in the college classroom

Felicia Darling is the author of two books:

Visit her website https://feliciadarling.com/

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