Powerful Strategies for Teaching Middle School Math with Kathy Martin

Jul 18, 2023

Join us as we dive into a captivating podcast interview with Kathy Martin, founder of the Prealgebra Teachers Math Membership. Kathy shares her top takeaways from the highly anticipated Middle School Math Summit, featuring esteemed speakers Deborah Peart, Steve Buch Kristen Damman, Ellen Levin, Brianne Beebe, and more. Get ready to kick off the school year on a strong note with practical advice and game-changing insights!

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 Learn an in-the-moment technique that alleviates math anxiety, discover a revolutionary approach to grading, and hear expert tips on effectively organizing and preparing teaching materials for a seamless and engaging learning journey.  Tune in to be inspired, challenged, and equipped with actionable techniques that will help you become a more effective and confident middle school math educator.

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