#13 Teaching our Kids about Math and Philanthropy with Kim Teter

allison loves math podcast Nov 29, 2020

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As teachers and parents, it's always fun when we can find different ways to teach our kids about math outside of school!


Today, we talk to Kim Teter, who holds an MS in Non-Profit Management and is co-host of The Freshman Fundraisers Podcast. In this episode, we dive into : 

  • How you can teach your kids about math AND philanthropy
  • The "happy math" behind dog adoption :)
  • The 3T’s of fund-raising and why they’re valuable 
  • Ways the non-profit sector can provide valuable work experience for college students
  • How to discuss money and budgets with kids, if financial giving is not an option right now 

You can find out more about Kim and listen to the show she co-hosts at https://freshmanfundraisers.com/